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Courtyard style decoration design effect

Inspired by the entrance structure of the Chinese courtyard, the designer creates a cultural background through the interweaving and integration of calm gray and luxurious yellow.

On the side of the entrance facing the stairs, a white wall blocks the front desk and internal office details. Visitors need to go through the glass door on the other side to get a glimpse of the modern front desk and reception area. Such careful design also skillfully protects the privacy of the space.

The quiet and elegant state leads people to enter the country. The gray cement floor and the front desk adjust the color tone of the space to a quiet and elegant state. On the one hand, the sunlight on the landing glass stubbornly passes through the grid and gauze curtain, and slowly projects its own figure onto the mirror like cement floor. It's very much like the opening of a stage play. The veil is swaying and the light and shadow are graceful, attracting people to enter the country.

The first background of the front desk is a customized yellow curved panel, and the second background is a black wooden wall, from shallow to deep, from low to high, from fashion to classical, which constructs a memorable hierarchical relationship. If you don't want to enter the room so quickly, visitors can also sit down on the bench, taste a cup of tea, and enjoy the green trees and pedestrians outside.

The rich cultural atmosphere and the ingenious division of wooden grid cabinets bring a transparent visual extension to the space. In addition, it can also be used to store magazines and books, or product display related to tea, so as to make the cultural atmosphere of the space richer.

Leisurely charm, in the two-way space, with the hazy vertical extension of the lattice screen, the viewer can carefully taste the unique design of each sub scene and feel the leisurely charm intertwined with fashion, modernity and classical massiness.

The tea table seeks the old emotional memory. The VIP reception area continues to use the tea table left over from the former office, so that the owner can find the old emotional memory in the new space. The floor glass window introduces the outdoor red and blue architectural appearance, enriching the color of the space.

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