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Linyi Aiwei International Trade Co.,Ltd.was established on November 6,2020.Its registered address is located at the intersection of

Tongda Road and Beiyuan Road,Lanshan street,Lanshan District,Linyi City,Shandong Province.Its legal representative is Zhang

Baiqiang. Business scope includes general items:Sales of building materials;Sales of light building materials;Floor sales; Wholesale

of daily necessities: Daily miscellaneous goods sales:General merchandise sales:Wholesale of kitchenware sanitary ware and dail

necessities; Sales of household appliances;Sales of plastic products(except for the items that need to be approved according to law, they can independently carry out business activities according to law with business license)license items: import and export of goods Technology import and export (for projects that need to be approved according to law,business activities can only be carried out after

being approved by relevant departments. and the specific business proiects shall be subiect to the approval results)

Our current major markets are the Middle East and Southeast Asia,and our products are well received by domestic and foreign markets

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